10 Must Have Conferencing Facility Features For Your Event In Kitui

Are you looking for the perfect conference center to hold your event, one that meets all your event needs within your budget? This can be a daunting task we know too well. This article promises to make your decision-making process easier and faster.

You must consider several aspects to make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible.

Below is our checklist to guarantee your event meets all the necessary conferencing standards for a successful execution.

1. Location and Accessibility

This is very important!

Whether you are launching a book or your organization’s strategic plan, holding a seminar, exhibition, cocktail reception, or a farewell party, the event venue you end up choosing must have hassle-free transportation options for your guests.

Easy access to the venue by your guests and attendees should be a top priority. For example, choosing a venue at the heart of a major town or city with clear directions using the Google Maps app is a smart choice.

Your guests may travel privately or by public means. A venue close to a major bus station and with ample parking can significantly enhance attendee satisfaction and contribute immensely to the success of your event.

2. Venue Atmosphere

The impression and emotions created by a conference venue can leave a lasting memory on your guests, and a legacy on your business. It can stand you in good stead for any repeat events in the future (if this is something you’re looking to do).

Ask yourself what atmosphere the venue needs to create to make the event a success. Do you want to imprint a professional image or do you want a community feel during and after the event? Do you want warm and cozy or loud and brash? Do you want funky and colorful or rich and historical? Or do you want quiet and interactive?

By answering these questions, you increase your chances of getting the perfect venue.

3. Venue Design and Capacity

Another important consideration is the physical size and design of the conference room. Perhaps you’d like to hire an entirely unique and sophisticated venue for your event. Or just rooms in purpose-built centers would suffice? Do you need a venue with a podium or a ground level one is enough? You also want to take into account the amount of space your set and stage will take up and how this will affect the capacity.

A good event venue should have adequate capacity to accommodate the event’s size and expected number of attendees. Conference venues generally offer rooms in a variety of sizes, from small meeting rooms for a few dozen people or so to lecture halls seating hundreds or more.

Ultimately, the venue should provide ample space for everyone to comfortably fit in and stay actively engaged throughout the conference session.

You may also consider the accessibility of the venue to people with disability just to make sure needs of all of your guests are taken care of.

4. Excellent Technical Features for a Beautiful Presentation

Does your event require you to use an LCD projector, TV screens, customized lighting, and extra charging ports around the room (for attendee’s laptops and smartphones), a video conferencing system, or fully-loaded audio equipment with wireless microphones?  Enquire these first-hand from the conference manager.

Write down your IT requirements depending on the event you are holding then call the venue and find out what they can and cannot offer you.

As with the audio system, you will want to make sure that there is a wireless microphone connected to a solid surround sound. Depending on the size of your conference, 20 people vs. 200 people, the audio equipment can make a huge difference and you will want to make sure it is functioning properly.

5. High-Speed Wi-Fi

Not just on paper but reliable high-speed Wi-Fi should be in place before deciding on a conference center. Fast internet can be vital in downloading any presentation files stored in the cloud and also for video conferencing. High-speed internet connectivity is no doubt a must-have.

In case there is a need to adjust to a hybrid conference set-up, a good internet bandwidth will take care of that.

6. Air Conditioning

Start by confirming the weather forecast for the city or town where your conference will be held. Air conditioning during a summer conference is essential. When you pack more than 10 people into a conference center, you will find that the room heats up pretty fast.

A properly air-conditioned conference room will keep you and all your guests comfortable. Additionally, if the event happens during the day then the room should have natural light and ventilation to keep the experience fresh and happy.

7. Proper Seating Arrangements

Depending on your type of event, you may choose U-shaped, boardroom style, classroom style, hollow-square, or grouped seating plans. Whatever style you choose, make sure the chairs in place are comfortable to sit on for long hours.

Paying close attention to the size of the space you are renting will dynamically improve the flow of your meeting.

Choose a room that will have room to spare, but not so much that your event appears to have flopped.

8. Accommodation and Other Essentials on Site

A day-long or more than 2 day’s conference necessitates that your guests get rested for the next day. Having accommodation on-site is one of the best conference experiences you can have.

With accommodation sorted, you know that your guests will not have to worry about driving after the event. Everyone is safer and happier.

Prioritizing the comfort and convenience of your attendees is key. Make sure that your preferred venue has adequate climate control, ventilation, and well-maintained restrooms coupled with sufficient space for socializing during tea breaks for overall satisfaction of participants.

Another essential is choosing a spot that is near restaurants and other attractions for guests to explore during and after the conference.

9. Well-trained and Efficient Staff

This is a no-brainer.

You want to make sure whatever venue you choose, they have wait staff available to help take care of you and your guests at the conference. This will add the final cherry on top of your guests’ experience.

10. Best Value

What’s actually included in the quoted price? Does the facility meet your expectations? And is the price in alignment with your budget and goals?

Explore if the set packages include refreshments, buffet/lunch, and other essentials like notebooks and pens. Do they have flexible booking packages in terms of duration (half-day or full-day)? Do you get half the hall or the whole of it? Ask these questions beforehand to determine a perfect fit.

If you can, visit the venue in person so you get the look and feel of the place. Try and imagine your event there. Do you get excited?

The bottom line is that, after your preferred conference venue ticks the above boxes; your budget needs to fit in perfectly. Negotiate with venue managers ahead of time and if it fits with your events calendar, secure discounts with a multi-year contract.

At Hotel San Marino, we are always happy to host corporate event meetings at our conference facility by matching the above list and more. Our talent is in the details. We will help you set up your sessions and attend to your every need.

Talk to us today and let’s make your event a success.

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