Kitui’s Hospitality at Its Best!

November 29, 2023 By Hotels Comments Off

A Developing Story.

Kitui town as the host town for Kitui County Government offices has transformed massively in the last 10 + years since the adoption of Devolution into Kenya’s 2010 Constitution that ensured equitable sharing of national and local resources throughout Kenya.

The road network and power connectivity within Kitui County have expanded significantly, coupled with substantial investments across education, administration, manufacturing, banking, real estate, health and retail among other key sectors.

These new developments have attracted travelers and investors in droves come to enjoy and explore new opportunities in Kitui County.

Best Hotels

Hospitality as a supporting component in any growing region economically, experiences early investment and perpetual improvement in service delivery as customers look for unique and memorable experiences across dining, accommodation, and partying.

With over 30 hotels in Kitui town, you are well-placed to find a good place to rest and unwind. Let’s talk a little bit about the difference between good and great. Good is OK, great is WOW!

Hotel San Marino Kitui is positioned and equipped to offer our customers the best hospitality there is in Kitui. It is definitely a great destination to dine, unwind, party and rest all happening concurrently and harmoniously. Now that’s WOW!

Best Food

At Hotel San Marino best food is fresh food cooked with love, appetizing in presentation, and greatly pleasant to the taste!

Kitui’s easy accessibility by road ensures fresh vegetables and fruits from the farm arrive in good time for a luscious fruit salad.

Explore our menu here for a wider selection of Ala Carte Breakfast and Grilled Rosemary Chicken.

Chill and Jazz Hang Out

At Hotel San Marino we aim to continually upgrade our customer’s experiences in ways they can keep a mental picture and a satisfying feeling after their visit. This really is our personal touch.

At our new floating VIP Terrace Bar, you are in for a memorable treat – a serene, naturally lit, and ventilated commodious space with accent chairs for your excellent comfort.

Equipped with big screens and deep-background jazz music, you are set to kick back and calm yourself into an exceptional experience.

Just to make sure we haven’t left anything out, we have installed a Foosball also known as Table Soccer, and a Darts board to give you as many chances as you need to sharpen your hitting and shooting skills.

Best Customer Service

We understand that we are here to serve your needs and that is exactly what we aim to do every time.

At Hotel San Marino, all our staff are well-mannered and adequately trained to attend to our customer needs with swiftness and attention to detail.

You are guaranteed to spend your time relaxing as we attend to your every need.

Luxurious Rooms

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it” – a famous quote by Diana Vreeland, an American writer.

We imagined elegance and luxury accommodation in Kitui and decided that the experience would be served at Hotel San Marino.

Our Executive and Honeymooner’s suites offer our customers a white-glove service with easy access to a VIP lounge and a wide selection of big-screen channels on demand.

With a private minibar, a Jacuzzi, and air conditioning (AC) in your room, you will experience nothing but luxury at the center of Kitui town.

Ala Carte Menu

Our Ala carte breakfast menu caters to all of our diverse customer’s palates.

While we keep refining our dining experience to meet high expectations from our customers, we commit to also brew the finest coffee using the latest professional coffee machine.

At Hotel San Marino, you will indulge in hot coffee, salad, ice cream, pizza, grilled chicken, chilled soft drinks, and relaxing music as you unwind and have your meetings.

Epic Nightlife in Kitui Town

Kitui town has more than 10 nightclubs all promising merrymakers a great time. At Hotel San Marino, we personalize every experience to give you not just a great time but a memorable time of your life.

Welcome to Club Marino!

Open from Tuesday to Sunday with an exception on Monday, Club Marino has been the party venue for residents and non-residents for key reasons including;

  • Easy access – located at the center of Kitui town, you are there before you know it
  • Music – the selection of music we play is energizing and sets the right mood for a good time
  • Resident DJ – having a great DJ to keep the music coming and sustain good vibes for the night
  • Club lighting – the ambiance in the club is set to put you in the right mood from the start
  • People – our customers are cheerful people
  • Parking – we have ample parking with security guards
  • Kitchen – our staff is ready to serve you ready and delicious meals as you stay entertained
  • Events – Karaoke nights, Ladies’ night out, and holiday events have earned Club Marino a reputation as the best hangout spot throughout the week
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